Creative Writing for Money

Ways of Earning Money on Creative Writing

There are many authors that make creative writing to earn money. Maybe it is not your main goal before starting, but in the end this is the good additional. There are few ways of involving money on creative writing:

  1. You may sell ebooks. In this way you may sell not only traditional books, but the electronic variants of them as well. But be ready, it takes a large part of social media marketing and its promotion.
  2. Be a speaker. It means you need to speak all the time in public to promote your text. Of course, you should be a professional speaker to make a speech more powerful. This preparation takes a lot of time, so be patient. You may teach these tips in special training classes, do small tasks, and promote yourself in different ways.
  3. Prepare readings for organized events. Creative writers often earn money by reading their texts. They may sell tickets on it, have a cover charge, and sell books, and so on. Your salary per night may be a couple hundred dollars depending on the audience. Sure, you will pay a rent for doing this, but the rest is yours.
  4. Combine your work with travel and other passion. When you travel, you may write a story everywhere, besides it is good possibility to get inspiration and new fresh ideas for creative writings.
  5. Make classes and seminars. Some writers made their names not only as creative writers, but as a coach too. You may do few several online webinars, classes per year; sell several educational materials, etc. Imagine one multi-week classes may cost more than one hundred dollar per student.

How to Organize Creative Writing for Money

To earn money you may become a professional essay writer in different styles, such as fiction, memoirs, non-fiction, and other stories. You may be a creative writer, if you want:

  • To have free time to write novel, short story, poetry, etc.
  • To receive the work to fit your style of life,
  • A work you may do at home,
  • A freedom to control this work,
  • To have a supply of offers.

Several Useful Tips for Conclusion

If you have published a big novel, then second book will take few years and may last too long. So, there are two variants: to write faster or find other way to earn. You may write such creative writing as non-fiction articles, blog posts, sales copy. This also may be interesting and creative process. If you want get more, then you may teach and edit.

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