Case Study Research

Case study research is a method of qualitative or quantitative approach. Qualitative approach helps to deep research of the cases issues. A single personality, a group of people, an organization, and an institution may be the subjects of case study writing. Some researches include few cases of different complexity. It may be simple, illustrative working or complex analysis that covers a large period of time. Case study is frequently used for research the contemporary situations in natural context. This research also includes many methods of gathering necessary data, such as interview, testing, etc. Good planning is needed to each research and for case it is a part of success. In this plan you should include needed methods of the data collecting, what departments of the company you have to visit, how to find persons to the interview, how often you should do testing, and so on. The plan of writing must contain at least such elements:

  • Objective – what do you plan to achieve?
  • The case – what is the matter of the research?
  • The theory – what is the frame of references?
  • Questions – what do you plan to know?
  • Methods – how to gather data?
  • Strategy – how the data should be sought?

Main Aims of Case Study Writing

Writing a case study has different goals:
  • Offers the richness and intensity of the gathered information.
  • Identifies the complex of circumstances that produce a particular issue.
  • Describes the situation and gives the theory to the next researches in this area.
  • Finds out what is happening.
  • Seeks new ideas and hypothesis for next researches.
  • Seeks the explanation why the situation was happened.

How to Write a Case Study Research

When you begin writing a case you must follow this order of processes:

  1. Create the design of the research – to determine the objectives, plan the future case study writing.
  2. Prepare for data gathering – define the procedures and create protocols for making this step.
  3. Collect the evidence – gather all available information about your subject.
  4. Analyze all gathered data.
  5. Make reports.

These acts in general are used for any kind of case study writing. The methodology of case studies is flexible strategy and may include much more important steps. For instance, data gathering and its analysis may have several stages. It is necessary to case study research to have specific goals that will be setting out at the starting of the writing. Remember, if you change your purposes, you have to write a new case study and not to change the particular one.

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As a conclusion you should write a reporting. In this part you must write about the outcomes of the studying. By the way, case study service may do this work for you and introduce the perfect research paper in short time. Besides our service can prepare the report for different kinds of audience for example politics, sponsors of the case study research, specialists in the area of writing cases. It influences on the design of the writing.